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An Australian Shepherd recovering from Myxosarcoma. Badger (or “Mr B”) is a 9 year old Aussie Shepherd. He has lived with his two humans, James & Libby, for 18 months.

Day …. What day is it???

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Hi Badger lovers.  The boy has had a few more challenges this weekend, complete with a visit to the emergency vet and two home visits from his surgeon!  His regular vet and the specialist clinic have been closed as it is a public holiday where we live.  Unfortunately, Badger chose this exact weekend to have a total collapse of his wound!  He lost a lot of blood this morning, and all of the skin around his wound has died.  🙁  First thing tomorrow he is going back to the specialist clinic for more reconstructive surgery.  An awful complication. In spite of this he is in good spirits.  I also have so much gratitude for his surgeon!  It was amazing for her to do a home visit, but there is no way we could have managed alone.

MrB looking amazingly calm and happy, having an evening walk amongst the olives.

Mr B will be in hospital for at least a couple of days, giving us a chance to gather our strength for the next round.  Wish us luck!

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  1. benny55

    Geez…before I even had to chance to respond to Day 10, this happened!!!!! This just really sucks!!! I know you must be frustrated beyond words, but you are doing a great job of putting on a pawsitive front!
    I know it doesn’t help to know that this has happened here before, but with patience (and a good Vet team), it DOES get better!!
    Thanks so much for keeping us updated. You are not alone on this joirney woth Mr. B. We are all cheering for him! TEAM MR. B,!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • badger

      Thanks Sally. We are very lucky to have a good veterinary team.

  2. jerry

    Ohhhhh Mr. B, I’m sorry to hear you had to go back to the clinic. What a total bummer. I know your people are trying soooo hard to help you heal. You WILL get there guys!

    I’m in love with your vet. Making housecalls is unheard of unless that’s their type of business model. What a caring, compassionate doc. With that kind of care, things are going to pick up and get better before you know it.

    We are cheering for you Mr. B. Stay strong and healthy, and keep us posted oK? We love you!

    • badger

      His veterinary surgeon has been amazing. I’m a bit in love with her too. When things *literally* started falling apart she came out to help three times. He attitude was “my surgery = my problem.” We are beyond grateful. This is the same person who has been sharing her lunch (cheese & biscuits) with him while he’s in hospital.

  3. benny55

    Update on Badger when you can. This WILL. get under control…not nearly as fast as you would like and not nearly as “easy” as you would like, but it is fixable!

    • badger

      I hope so. Thank you.

  4. Gaurav Dash

    Hey there Mr.B wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Looking forward to seeing you running & zooming.

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