Day 10: Back In The Cone

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Wearing the Cone of Shame
Drugged out and hopefully feeling no pain! Mr B hates being in the “Cone of Shame.”

We had a house call from Badger’s regular vet today.  After chatting to his surgeon and evaluating the wound, they decided to remove some of the unhealthy tissue.  They are both pretty happy with how the skin looks underneath but there’s a small chance he might need a skin graft next week.  Please send healing thoughts Mr B’s way.

Right now he has ALL the drugs and is pretty out of it.  I’m happy for him to stay as calm and quiet as possible because I’m not really looking forward to cleaning and changing the dressing.


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5 thoughts on “Day 10: Back In The Cone”

  1. Awww buddy B! You look adorable in the cone, but I know how much you hate it. I’m sorry!

    Hope that the healing ramps up so you and your people can get on with life. How’s your appetite? Are the drugs making you not hungry? Don’t worry of that happens, it’s normal and just temporary.

    Sending you lots of love ❤️ Keep us posted!

  2. Changing the dressing is not hard, really. That cone is going to save all of you a lot of valuable healing time. You’d be amazed at how quickly a few licks and nibbles can hurt an incision🤯🤯🤯
    You’re doing a great job staying on top of things!
    Jackie and Huck❤

    1. Thanks. We’ve had a few more complications since, but I will do a propper update tomorrow. More surgery on Tuesday.

    2. Thanks. He’s been really good about it but unfortunately the reconstruction tissue has failed. 🙁 Back to surgery.

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