Day Three Update

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Mr B is still recovering at the veterinary hospital. We get regular updates but haven’t seen him since his surgery. I’m finding that tough but it’s probably for the best. He would probably want to come home and he’s not ready yet.

The surgeon says he is recovering well. They have him up and moving around, going outside for toilet breaks, and most importantly, this morning he managed his first 3 legged poop. I’m sure all the Tripawd people out there know what an important achievement this is.

We are hoping he will come home today, but they are a little bit worried because his temperature has gone up a little bit, and he has lost his appetite. He had been eating well but didn’t want his breakfast today. 🙁 For Badger, this is a real concern. Hopefully he is just tired. We are expecting news in a couple of hours.

I am feeling absolutely exhausted and foggy brained. It’s been such a stressful week but we hope the worst is behind us now.

             Badger standing on a log in the forest (pre-surgery)


AFTERNOON UPDATE:  Just had a call from the vet.  He has had a little bit of a temperature but he is eating again.  They want to keep him one more night for observation, so it looks like we will be picking him up on Saturday morning.

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5 thoughts on “Day Three Update”

  1. That picture is absolutely beautiful. A stunningly handsome doggy.
    And YAY FOR POOP!!! And YAY FOR BEING MOBILE! Bummer about the fever, but infections do pop up sometimes. Sounds like they are monitoring Mr B realky well, so it’s good to know he’s in capable hands.
    They probably have him on a good antibiotic so that will help. The meds can kknda’ interrupt his appetite too.
    We’ll watch for updates. And yes, TRY and get some rest yourselves!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. They are a really great team. We told them that he is a dairy addict, so the veterinary surgeon gave him slices of cheese from her own lunch to tempt his appetite. Mr B happily gobbled them down. 🙂

  2. So his welcome home meal will be grilled cheese, cheese pizza and cheese puffs!😎
    Glad he ate. And kudos to the Tech who shared her lunch with him😊

  3. I am sure Mr B will be happy to see you! I picked up my Tripawd last Sunday..You can tell when they are happy to be home. Good Luck tomorrow.

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