Day 19 – Slow but steady

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Another day of slow recovery.  We are back to doing the daily dressing change ourselves and sending photos to the surgeon.  She is satisfied that the wound is improving and told us to keep up the good work. 🙂

Mr B still seems very tired and a bit jumpy.  Who can blame him really?  He’s had a rough couple of weeks.  Lucky for him we have the “luxury” of Covid-19, which means we are obliged to stay home, slow down and spend most of our time fussing over the boy.

Yesterday I persuaded him to hang out in the garden for a little while.  He looks happy.  I think the sunshine did us both good.

Badger looking happy in a very green, overflowing garden
Badger soaking up the afternoon sun


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2 thoughts on “Day 19 – Slow but steady”

  1. Wjaaaat??? On top of everything else you two have the virus??? Good job of looking at the silver lining as an excuse to stay home with Mr B! Everybody can stay home and just rest and heal. The Universe works in strange ways, eh?
    Sooooo glad that the Vet thinks things are improving for Mr B!! It’s about time! Paws crossed fot continued recovery for ALL of you!❤❤❤
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Sorry, my post was poorly worded. We humans don’t have the virus (fortunately) but we are being encouraged to stay home and isolate as much as possible. Festivals, concerts, social groups and classes are being cancelled. People are told to work from home where possible. Mr B doesn’t mind. 🙂

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