Day 18 – Quick update

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It’s been a fairly slow, quiet day here. Mr B has been resting a lot but doesn’t seem to be in much pain. Just a bit uncomfortable. He’s happy to go outside for a quick toilet break then come straight back in to his bed. I’m pretty happy to follow his lead!

The only thing that’s a bit odd is that his walking seems to be getting LESS steady. He’s walking in circles a bit, seems to be having a bit of trouble going in one direction, and there have been a couple of weird times when he stood just on his front legs. Very odd.

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2 thoughts on “Day 18 – Quick update”

  1. Sleep is medicinal, enjoy! As for the walking…what direction is he having trouble? Is it when turning to the amp side? Wyatt has always had a hard time with that, and the PT said it was from the pain he was experiencing when he had the iliopsoas strain. As for the standing on his front legs…yeah, that also sounds like a pain signal. Check out my thoughts in the Forum topic:

    1. Thanks – I’ll check it out. He seems to be having trouble going in a straight line but funnily enough, if we walk him on lead he does much better. It’s fascinating. When standing still he curls to one side. We stand on the non amp side so he can lean.

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