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An Australian Shepherd recovering from Myxosarcoma. Badger (or “Mr B”) is a 9 year old Aussie Shepherd. He has lived with his two humans, James & Libby, for 18 months.

Day 36: The Easter Badger

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This is a reasonably frivolous post!! That’s right. There’s NO dramatic news to share! How wonderful to be at this stage of recovery.

Yesterday whilst taking MrB for a walk, I spotted one of our neighbours who has two young daughters. They know MrB well as he used to pop over and visit their lovely dog regularly. I was a little bit worried that the kids might be upset so I kept MrB away.  Later on I sent the neighbour a brief explanation with a video so that she could explain it to the kids.

Later that afternoon I got a message: Check your letter box!  Inside were half a dozen fresh eggs and some Easter arts and craft from the kids.  The note says “Dear Libby and James.  We were sad to hear about Badger.  We hope he feels good.”  How cute is that? 🙂

I’m pleased to report that MrB does feel good.  He is starting to get up independently, stand up to eat dinner, sniff around, eat grass and be my guard dog (as long as he can bark from his comfy bed).  He even let me do a photo shoot for the kids next door….. ENJOY!




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  1. benny55

    FRIVOLOUS???? Noooo waaay! This was chock full of happy news topped off with kindness and love and lots of cute pictures of Mr Adorable!!! If this is “frivolous “, bring it on!!
    Absolutely made my day! His sparkle really is starting to come back more and more and I’m absolutely thrilled!!
    Thanks so much for bringing us this great news. And make no mistake about it, those neighborhood kids will ALWAYS remember Mr B snd ewill ALWAYS be touched by his story!
    And Mr B shoild get a scoop of ice cream for tolerating you taking all those pictures!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • badger

      Thanks Sally! I am very relieved to be “frivolous.” We had a pretty tough ride there. <3

  2. jerry

    He looks sooooooo springy! His eyes are brighter, he looks more alert. And he is such a good boy for not chomping those eggs. I don’t know many dogs who could hold back like that. Mr. B. is back in da house! Yeah!

    How great to have such nice neighbors, especially at a time like this.

    • badger

      The Easter Badger made a special delivery of chocolate eggs to the kids next door. 🙂

  3. benny55

    Just checking in to see how Mr. B. is doing.

    • badger

      Hi Sally, I was just about to load an update that was filmed today. Stay tuned!!

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