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An Australian Shepherd recovering from Myxosarcoma. Badger (or “Mr B”) is a 9 year old Aussie Shepherd. He has lived with his two humans, James & Libby, for 18 months.

Day 112: Sleep Well, Sweet Boy

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Our dear Badger left us one week ago today.  We are still in shock here and this is very hard to write.

He was healing so well, but about 2 weeks after his last operation (tumour on chest) we noticed a hardness in the flesh on his side.  It seemed to be getting bigger so we booked a follow up with his vet.  Between booking the appointment on Thursday, and getting to the clinic on Tuesday, there was no mistaking that the lump was growing.  He had an ultrasound and a biopsy.  The result showed another fast growing tumour.

It was already too big to operate on.   We were out of options.

The vet appointment was on May 27th.
We took him home with pain relief, thinking we might have him for another couple of months.
The tumour started to gallop.
He died on June 9th.

We held him as he left us and told him how much we love him.  It was so gentle and peaceful.  We are heartbroken.

The photos in this video were taken the day before he died.   He couldn’t walk very far but he still wanted to be a part of the action.

We buried him in the garden, next to Charlie and Luna, my sweet dogs who came before him.

Sleep well, Sweet Boy.  We miss you.


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  1. hester

    So deeply sorry it was time to say farewell to handsome Badger. Wishing you comfort in the tenderness of your memories and knowing you did all you could to give him that “bonus round” and gave him all the love any dog could want.


  2. jerry

    Ohhhhh no you guys! My heart is shattered, I can’t believe it either. You have my deepest most sincere condolences. I can’t imagine….Mr. B fought so so hard, as did you, and it just feels so completely unfair that you guys had such a short time together after amputation. I’m very sorry.

    We learned so much from you so please never forget that your journey with him was not in vain. It’s clear how much you cared about him to give him the very best care, to make sure that he had everything he needed for that rollercoaster recovery and to give him the best life a dog could ever ask for. The video was so beautiful and gave us a glimpse at what a lovely life he had with you. Your property is a dog’s dream, and he is forever there with you now, protecting your land and making sure that you stay as strong and resilient as he was.

    Mr. B will live on forever in our hearts, and never be forgotten. We love that boy so much, nothing can take away his spirit.

    (((hugs))) & condolences from all of us

  3. benny55

    I was so gutted to read this. I actually saw it the other day and jist could not get myself together enough to write anything. Too many tears.
    And I still can’t write anything because there really are no words.

    This disease is so brutal and cunning and vicious and relentless. But it could NOT touch Mr, Badger’s fighting Spirit. It could NOT take away his dignity. It could NOT diminish his determination to make the best out of each moment and enjoy hi self no matter the challenges.

    It is such an honor to be on this journey with Mr. B and his devoted hoomans. I soooo admired your courage and perseverance during all this. You never, ever, ever gave up hope. I have no doubt your pawsitive energy is what made Mr. B. overcome obstacle after obstacle. Im5 sure that rotten piece of s++t disease would have taken any other dog a lot sooner. But you and Mr B had other plans. You still, in spite of all the challenges, made the best of your bonus time.

    I remember as we celebrated his “first shake”, his first “sit”, his first “back on the bed”. We all cheered wildly for these remarkable feats!! We so enjoyed the videos of him mastering the art of how to walk as a tripawd…even after more surgeries

    And the way you maintained your humor was to be applauded.
    Ake no mistake about it, you and Mr. B have inspired us all with what’s possible against all odds. The care and love for Mr. Badger and the deep, deep bond came shining through. Jo dog, could have been loved more. No dog could have gotten better spectacular care.

    The time after amputation was waaay too short. That’s from a hooman perspective of course. As far as Mr B is concerned, the atte tion and devotion and care and spoiling he got during this time was more than most dogs ever have in a long lifetime.

    You gave him the gift of release while he could still be Badger. The pictures of him are soooo sweet. I think he was excited about jumping out of his earth clothes and heading to the Rainbow Bridge! And his send off treats were spectacular!!

    I’ll say it again. It’s a true honor, a true priv, to be on this journey with Mr B. He touched us all with his fighting, yet gentle, Spirit. And, again, your devonrion and dedication and wit taught us all a lot about making the best out of the cards you’re dealt.

    We know your grief is still overwhelming. The break in routine and the void are seemingly unbearable. Slowly though, all the hapoy memories you shared will start to help your wounded heart heal.

    When you can, please come back and share more about this very spec Soul. We all adore him. And pay attention. He will give you a sign, a very specific way of connecting with you tomlet you know he is still with you❤

    Surrounding you with Mr B’s eternal al light. A light that bright can never be dimmed.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

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